In the special fields of operation of OILTECH Kft., the development of certain hydrocarbon- and energy industry technologies and equipment is part of the company’s growing complexity.
In the course of our technical development activities, we investigate novel and innovative opportunities for the satisfaction of needs and requirements arising in our industry environment (efficiency improvement, energy rationalisation, automation, compactness in implementation, environment protection, etc.) and to solve special problems related to these.

oiltech-eng-4Our engineering and development activities capitalise on the professional experience gained in planning, manufacturing, implementation, commissioning and operation. We use this experience to come up with new solutions to develop our know-how base and capabilities, with an eye to further increasing the technical quality in which we can satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers.






The current technical development projects of OILTECH Kft. cover the following areas:

  • Improvement of the separation efficiency of natural gas, condensate and crude oil separation technologies, optimisation of equipment used in production systems (filtering separators, combined effect separators)
  • optimisation of gas treatment procedures through the application of selective sorbents for different hydrocarbon components (amino technologies, absorption and adsorption applications),
  • optimisation of liquid treatment (condensate stabilisation, emulsion breaking, degassing), from the aspects of energy and technology,
  • rationalisation of the efficiency and energy utilisation of the expansion-based gas processing technology,
  • development of gas absorption driers and combined-effect gas processing systems (contacting column, MEG regeneration)

In the course of our engineering and technical development activities in the areas listed above, we make use of the “best practices” available in international professional practice – which enables us in our projects to offer our customers the technical solutions that provide the highest economic advantage.


In the course of our engineering activities, we rely on our highly qualified engineer staff, expertise and authorisation to provide the competencies required for OILTECH’s manufacturing and EPC / EPCm activities in the following areas:

  • preparation and feasibility studies,
  • basic plans,
  • feed plans and plans for authority permits,
  • construction drawings,
  • manufacturing drawings.