As a result of the continued technical development performed by it, OILTECH can offer its partners added value in a broad range of hydrocarbon industry apparatuses and technology equipment. In the past decades, we have succeeded in proving the added value and high quality of our engineering and project preparation activities in several contracted projects, to our customers as well as to ourselves, specifically in the following areas:

  • in-the-field oil and gas production technology equipment, compact solutions (production separators, gas and liquid treatment separators, heat exchangers)
  • crude oil gathering and gas handling stations, complex implementation (production handling and gathering, field handling of natural gas using expansion and amino technologies, gas drying using the MEG and TEG procedures)
  • gas production and gas processing technology apparatuses (chilling, fractionating)
  • surface technology equipment for underground gas storage and gas handling
  • glycol regeneration equipment, heat exchangers, technology and storage tanks,

Our manufacturing capacities are available in the following ranges and in accordance with the following standards:

Available geometric parameters

  • External diameter: up to 4000 mm
  • Wall thickness: up to 60 mm
  • Weight: up to 50 tons
  • Length (in one piece): up to 25 meters

Standards applied:

  • EN 13445
  • AD Merkblatter
  • TEMA

Non-destructive testing methods applied at our own material testing laboratory:

  • RTG (X-ray and isotopic testing)
  • UT (ultrasonic testing)
  • MT (magnetic powder testing)
  • PT (liquid penetration testing)
  • VT (visual inspection)

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To ensure a high level of available quantity and quality in manufacturing in a competitive manner, our company has implemented major innovations in infrastructure and technology, accompanied by the required continuous training and development of human resources involved.

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