Capacity increase of the Underground Gas Storage Facility in Zsana, for MOL Nyrt., in 2002
oiltech-berendezesgyartas-18MOL Nyrt. has performed the modernisation and capacity increase of its underground gas storage facilities in several phases. It was in Phase III of this project that the storage capacity of the Zsana underground gas storage facility was increased to 21 mill Nm3/day. OILTECH Kft. was contracted for the manufacturing and installation of glycol regenerators and the implementation of the new machinery and pipeline system.

Installation of the Hajdúszoboszló underground gas storage and gas pre-processing plant, for MOL Nyrt., in 2002
hajduszoboszloIn the framework of the underground gas storage development program of MOL Nyrt., TEG drying was introduced. OILTECH Kft. was given the task of the manufacturing and machinery installation of the 420,000-m3/h-capacity natural gas processing technology system and the connected glycol generators.

Gas handling plant construction in Törökkoppány, for Winstar Ltd., in 2003
oiltech-berendezesgyartas-4Winstar Ltd. has installed a natural gas handling system in Hungary for production from the “Törökkoppány-1” well. The tasks contracted to OILTECH in this project were the manufacturing of the technology equipment for the 20.000-Nm3/day-capacity gas handling system and the complete performance of on-site general construction.

Construction of the Claus Plant, for MOL Nyrt., in 2004
clausIn the 1990s, MOL Nyrt. launched the technology reconstruction of its crude oil refineries and energy efficiency and environment protection projects. As part of a carefully coordinated project for the development of Duna Refinery (“Dunai Finomító”), a Claus-4 plant was constructed, using the HCK technology. OILTECH Kft. performed complex technology installation activities as part of the implementation of this project.

Installation of the “Tét-1” natural gas handling plant, for Rikopet Kft., in 2005
tetA natural gas production plant utilising the “Tét-1” well and offering a capacity of 4,000 Nm3/day was installed in Hungary. In the project, the task of OILTECH Kft. was to perform all the EPC tasks of the amino-technology gas production plant, including the manufacturing and on-site commissioning of technology equipment.

Implementation of a natural gas handling plant in Hajdúnánás, for Magyar Horizont Kft., in 2009
hajdunanasA natural gas handling system was installed in Hungary for production from the “Hajdúnánás-2” well. The duties of OILTECH were to manufacture the technology equipment for the 210,000-Nm3/day-capacity gas handling system and to perform all the related on-site machinery related tasks.

Installation of the “Szőreg-1” underground security gas storage unit, for MMBF Zrt., in 2009
szoregTo implement strategic natural gas storage, an underground gas storage facility with a storage capacity of 2 bn. Nm3 and a supply capacity of 25 million m3/day was installed in Hungary. In the project, OILTECH was hired to do the machinery installation activities on the complete cold separation gas gathering and handling facility and the connecting pipe bridge, to install and assemble the dew-point modules and to manufacture several items of technology equipment.

Százhalombatta – Szajol DN300 pipeline replacement, for KVV Zrt., in 2013
oiltech-nyomvonal-18As part of its large-coverage transmission pipeline reconstruction project, MOL Nyrt. implements the reconstruction of its crude oil pipeline system in several project phases. In Phase 3, OILTECH Kft. installed 11 km of DN300-size pipes.


Installation of the Yemen “EPF-3” and “EPF-4” crude oil gathering stations from production for the OMV Group, in 2013 - 2014
jemenInstallation of crude oil gathering stations from production in Yemen, with a capacity of 2x10,000 bbl/day for oil production in the OMV Group’s concession area in North Africa. In the project, OILTECH Kft. was contracted for the performance of the EPC tasks of the gathering stations from production and, as part of these activities, the manufacturing, commissioning and live launch of all the technology equipment.