OILTECH – the short name of our company, OILTECH Kft., stands for “Olajipari Technológia Szerelő és Vezetéképítő Kft.” (“Oil Industry Technology Installation and Line Construction Services Ltd.”). OILTECH is one of Hungary’s leading private companies operating in the manufacturing of apparatuses and equipment and in the construction of facilities and pipelines. The Company offers complex general contractor services in the oil, gas and energy industry sectors, as well as additional special services on demand.
OILTECH Kft. was founded by Magyar Olaj- és Gázipari Rt. (MOL Rt.) in 1994, through the outsourcing and amalgamation of the construction and installation units of OKGT (“Országos Kőolaj- és Gázipari Tröszt”, a legal predecessor of MOL Rt.), which had operated in Hungary since the 1950s. Under the supervision of the members of the management team even now in key positions in the company, the organisation was privatised in 1997. This reorganisation process integrated the experience gained in the oil and gas industry in the past 60 years.
The management built and developed the capabilities and activities of OILTECH Kft. through purposeful and committed leadership, primarily in the implementation of hydrocarbon production and processing systems, transmission pipeline systems and refinery plants.
The committed professional activities and achievements of OILTECH Kft. in the past two decades have paved the way for the company for continuous development towards becoming a complex general contractor.

As of today, OILTECH Kft. is one of the recognised players of Hungary’s oil, gas and energy industry sectors. Owing to its performance and company and quality management processes applied, it has been successful in several Hungarian and international EPC projects.