OILTECH Kft. has integrated its several decades of experience gained in the oil and gas industry in Hungary and developed them further in its areas of operation, to ensure compliance with the required technology standards. OILTECH develops its professional human resources through training and continuously develops its manufacturing and construction technologies, to come up to the special expectations of its individual areas of operation and to ensure its complex EPC service capability in the following areas.

  • Surface technologies for crude oil and natural gas production
  • Natural gas and hydrocarbon condensate handling and processing facilities
  • Oil and confined groundwater handling systems, water injection, CO2 liquidation
  • Oil and gas technology feed and auxiliary technologies
  • Public road and railroad hydrocarbon filling and draining facilities
  • Field production lines, gathering systems and direct pipelines
  • Crude oil and natural gas transmission systems, transmission pipelines, distribution networks (pump stations, compressor stations, metering and regulating stations)
  • Underground gas storage facilities (compressor and gas handling technologies)
  • Energy generation facilities (inert gas, biogas and waste heat utilising systems)
  • Tanks, storage facilities and their technology service systems
  • Petrochemical and chemical industry technology facilities
  • Processing industry technologies and systems
  • Energy management technologies
  • Environment protection facilities

As the goals and plans of our customers are important to us, we make all endeavours to quickly and flexibly satisfy the requests of our customers, applying state-of-the-art solutions in a time and cost efficient manner.